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New Universal Gps tracker For Auto Iphone Ipad

New Universal Gps tracker For Auto Iphone Ipad

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The latest Apple system GPS locator

1.Use the iPhone or Ipad to find the phone function, find the car.

2.Lifetime free with no fees.

3.Plug into the car OBD socket and directly connect to the mobile phone for direct use.

4.Contains operating instructions.

1.The OBD part only support iphone iOS mobile. Don't support android mobile.

2.If want use find my function need upgrade iphone iOS system version 14.5 above and latest system.

3.item some times don't view real-time location. need requires someone nearby to use iphone bluetooth to pass the vehicle for continuous positioning. this is normal phenomenon. function like Airtag similar.

4.Don't need to insert a sim card, don't traffic required.

5.Don't audio recording.

6.Support global positioning. only need a iPhone iOS 14.5 above.

MFi Certificated Supplier

Compatible for all ios devices Find My App

UPC/EAN code traceable on the Apple website

MFi Exclusive ldentity


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